Ablenet Inc 10010701 Powerlink 4 US Control Unit

by AramediA
$ 269.95

The PowerLink 4 control unit allows switch users to control up to two electrical appliances with single switches.

Six unique modes of control allow you to define exactly how, and for how long, appliances will be turned on.

PowerLink will accept any single switch, including the Big Red, Jelly Beamer or Sway wireless switches.

Modes of Control: Direct: Behaves like a traditional switch. Count: Behaves like Direct, shows number of activations.

Two-Switch: Behaves like Direct, both switches must be activated. Timed Seconds: Runs appliance from 1 to 99 seconds.

Timed Minutes: Runs appliance from 1 to 99 minutes. Latch: First activation turns appliance ON; second activation turns it OFF.