Ablenet 7004005012 Gooseneck Arm with Grasp Mini Joystick Plate

by vendor-unknown
$ 239.95
Gooseneck With Grasp Mini Joystick Mounting Plate. This kit includes the Gooseneck Arm Super Clamp and the mounting plate of your choice. Universal Mounting Plate - The Universal Mounting Plate is a replacement for the Cradle Plate 10045000 Large Triangular Plate 100LTMP Small Triangular 100STMP Large Rectangular 100LRMP Small Rectangular 100SRMP RelaxMini Relax 66160 EZ Mount Plate 10040800 and Small Circular Plate 100SCMP.Features. Grasp Mini Joy Stick Plate - Connects your Grasp Mini Joy Stick to our mounting arms.. Mini Cup Trigger Plate - Connects your Mini Cup or Trigger switch to our mounting arms. Velcro included.. Universal Swivel Plate - Allows two 12 in. tubes to be attached together allowing for full swivel movement in all directions.. Micro Light Plate - Connects your Micro Light switch to any of our mounting arms.. Pneumatic Plate - Connects your Pneumatic switch to our mounting arms.