AbleNet 70000119 Quicktalker Freestyle - iPad Mini Wi-Fi & Cellular Data

by vendor-unknown
$ 3,245.95
The NEW QuickTalker Freestyle is a highly customizable iPad-based speech generating device SGD with the critical options necessary for speech-language pathologists to better meet the unique needs of their clients with communication disabilities. Unlike other SGDs available today QuickTalker Freestyle provides greater customization by harnessing the power of the iPad providing opportunity to prescribe nearly any augmentative and alternative communication app and choose from a selection of protective cases.Features. Wearable HiFi speaker with detachable carabiner and shoulder strap. Blue2 Bluetooth switch for alternative access. Configuration before delivery. Support during the entire funding process. QuickTalker Freestyle SGD includes a camera that faces the userSpecification. Activation Force - 0.4 oz. 11.3 g. Activation Surface Size - Large over 2.5 in. or 6.35 cm.. Recording Time - Based on app choice. Feedback - Auditory Visual. Battery Type - Internal rechargeable