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Ablenet 10003800 Responsable Pas1

  • $ 36995

This innovative product works with your existing phone line allowing you to program up to four phone numbers to call on a single push of a button. Your loved one patient or student simply wears a pendant to provide instant access to help whenever its needed. Its like having a cordless speakerphone wherever you go. Unlike simple alert systems use the pendant to automatically dial the preset numbers and then talk with the person on the other end. If no one answers 911 can be automatically dialed. Responsable is great for making people feel comfortable that help is always available even if it is not a 911 emergency. This unit includes one pendant and a base station that connects to a standard telephone.. Dimension - 9.8 D x 11.8 W x 2.3 H in.. Item Weight - 2 lbs.

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