A Short History of Ireland

by AramediA
$ 14.95
Product Features

Based on the book by Richard Killeen
Explore the Celts, the Williamite War, The Eastern Rising, clans and more
See Irelands countryside, seaside cliffs, castles and more
Featuring an original soundtrack and unobtrusive narration
Beautiful aerial views of the Emerald Isle

Product Description
The beauty, the music and the story of the Emerald Isle! Go on a cultural adventure in one of the worlds most magical places: Ireland! The country may be small, but it is rich in beauty and history, and has made a lasting contribution to the world. Delve into the origins of the Celts, follow the Williamite War, explore the clans and more. Plus, see all of Ireland its pastoral countryside, seaside cliffs and haunting castles and learn all about the traditions that make it unique. With an original and traditional music score, authentic dramatizations and a lilting historical narration, A Short History of Ireland will leave you longing for more of the Emerald Isle.