A Parent, Professional and Consumer Guide to Understanding and Accommodating Hearing Loss & Deafness

by AramediA
$ 24.95

This highly informative and easy-to-follow Power Point presentation provides a complete overview of basic information about how hearing loss is defined, what are its consequences, communication options, and accommodation technologies.

Those new to audiometric testing will learn how to understand the implications of audiogram results and the meaning of associated medical terminology. Various communication methodologies (e.g., sign language, speechreading) are explored and strategies offered for optimizing communication.

Current technologies for television, telephone, alerting, and face-to-face interaction are explored. This presentation also contains an extensive resource section of consumer and professional organizations, information centers, religious organizations for the deaf, and much more!

Table of Contents: * Terminology * Audiology Variables * Language Development * Communication Alternatives * Educational Choices * Technological Solutions: Listening Devices * Technological Solutions: Alerting devices * Technological Solutions: Long Distance Communication * Technological Solutions: Television Access * Technological Solutions: Software Access * Technological Solutions: Speech to Text/Voice/Sign and Vice Versa * Resource Information