There's a Jungle in Saifo's Room - Arabic Children Book

by AramediA
$ 14.95

A little boy sets out on an exciting imaginary adventure where he meets and interacts with the animals on the wall mural in his room.

On each spread he meets a different set of animals and has fun with them. The child reader is encouraged to count the animals he sees on each spread.

He/she can then choose the correct numeral sticker - attached to the book- to stick in its assigned space.

The story line is full of action and humor and written in rhyme.

-- There is a Forest in Saifo"s Room " is many books in one. It is a counting book ,an adventure story, a bedtime story and a book about animals.

It encourages the child to count and to recognize numerals and as an extra bonus numeral stickers are offered with the story which the child can stick in the appropriate space on each page.

The story line is in rhyme and full of action and sounds.

It encourages imagination and at the same time reassures the young child that no matter how wild and dangerous his imaginary adventures are, he can always return to the safe haven of his home.

In real life the young child is constantly exploring new and sometimes scary experiences like going to a new school, separating from his Mom, meeting strangers.

He craves reassurance that he will always have a safe haven to go back to.

This humorous adventure gives him the freedom to explore his fears and provides him with the reassurance he needs.

As an added activity teachers and Moms can talk about the characteristics of each animal in the story and encourage the child to imitate the movements of the animals and the sounds they make.