The Amazing Toilet Paper Roll - Arabic Children Book

by AramediA
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Toilet paper rolls are abundantly available in all houses. Instead of throwing them away we can recycle them into craft ideas.

Making crafts keeps children busy, encourages their creativity and helps them strengthen their hand and finger muscles.

Craft books help children follow instructions carefully and focus more on the work at hand.“The Amazing Paper Roll” has a lot of fun and easy to follow crafts for children of all ages.


The Amazing Toilet Paper Roll showcases fun easy to make craft ideas from paper rolls that will keep children happily busy while teaching them about recycling.

In this digital age, it is important to encourage children to make things using their hands and small muscles instead of just clicking on a digital platform.

Making crafts is an important part of childhood activities and should be  encouraged by teachers and parents.

It helps children express their creativity through color and through the objects they make.

it also gives them the opportunity to relax from the stresses of the day. Craft books also help children follow simple instructions.

Family crafts also bring families together. What better way than to make crafts from material that is readily available in every household, toilet paper rolls. 

Written by: Taghreed Najjar, Illustrated by: Dina Fawakhiri,

ISBN 9789957040888
Binding Soft Cover
Pages 24
Age Range 6+
Year of Publication 2016
Weight 0.135 kg
Dimensions 21 x 29.7 cm