The Amazing Card - Arabic Children Book

by AramediA
$ 14.95

Before Marwan's parents go on a trip, his Dad tells him that he can take anything he needs- within reason- from Uncle Farid's shop in the neighborhood and from Uncle Hassan's shop at school without having to pay.

Will Marwan understand what his father means by" within reason"? and what is the secret of the amazing card? - In this story Marwan learns the value of money and the concept of limits. His father tells him he can take what he needs from the neighborhood shop and the school shop but within reason.

Marwan enjoys the admiration of his classmates who marvel at how he can get all sorts of goodies from the shop without paying. When Marwan starts buying goodies for his friends, he becomes very popular.

Dad is very angry at Marwan when he gets the bills from the two shops, but soon realizes that Marwan is not aware of where the money they spend comes from.

He is under the impression that his father's debit card is a magic card that can buy anything. Marwan's father takes him to the bank and explains to him how he works hard to make money for the family and then that money is put in a bank and the bank card is like a key to a money box that allows him to spend the money he put in the bank from his hard work.

The father decides to start giving Marwan a weekly allowance to help him plan how to spend the money he gets wisely.

The story deals with many concepts that parents and teachers can discuss with their students like pocket money, limits, healthy food, the difference between sharing with friends and giving things to people so as to become popular.