Salwa Who Took My Sandwich

by AramediA
$ 16.95

Parent and Teacher guide Jad’s friends are envious of the fun-looking and tasty sandwiches his mother puts in his lunchbox. When Jad refuses to share his sandwiches with his friends his sandwiches suddenly disappear and are mysteriously exchanged with boring Jam sandwiches.

To find out who the culprits are he comes up with a brilliant idea and with the help of Tala executes it. Jad discovers that his friends are the culprits but at the same time falls for the same trick he played on his friends. For discussion: - What is your favorite sandwich?

- When you open your lunchbox what do you like to see in it? - Why do you think that Jad and Tala’s mom makes their sandwiches look pretty? - Why do you think Jad’s friends decided to switch sandwiches with him? - What kinds of things do your friends share with you? - How did Jad find out who was taking his food? - Do you think that Jad’s friends feel guilty about taking his food? Why? Or why not? - What should we do when we do something wrong? - If you were in Jad’s place, would you accept his friend’s apology? Why? Or why not? - Do you think that Jad should have shared some of the food in his lunchbox? - What happened when Jad gave part of his sandwich to Tamer?