Salwa-No Tala! Written by: Taghreed Najjar, Illustrated by: Aly Zainy Paperback – 2019

by AramediA
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Tala is sad when Jad refuses to let her play with him and his friend Tamer. Suddenly, the doorbell rings, bringing with it a pleasant surprise for Tala. What could the surprise be? Should siblings always play together? Jad is excited about spending time with his best friend Tamer during the weekend. Tala wants to play with them but Jad refuses strongly. Tala is sad but Mama convinces Tala to go work on her block castle. Zuzu wants to play with Tala, he crawls towards her and touches her building blocks bringing the castle down. Poor Tala is upset again. Luckily, the doorbell rings and her friend and neighbor Sara is at the door. Tala cheers up and after they play together all the kids sit down to watch TV and eat popcorn. * Why did Jad refuse to let Tala play with him and his friend? * Do you think brothers and sisters should always play together? *How did Mama comfort Tala? *Why was Tala upset with Zuzu? Did he mean to bring down her castle? *If you were in Jad's place would you have allowed Tala to play with you? Why? * What made Tala happy? * How did the kids spend their time at the end of the story?