Salwa Mama We’re Bored

by AramediA
$ 16.95

Parent and Teacher guide Jad and Tala complain loudly that they are tired and bored with their toys. The next day they wake up to find that their mother has hidden all their toys.

Only paper and colors are available. When Jalal comes to visit, they discover that they can still have fun with only paper and colors. They make and decorate paper airplanes and have great fun playing in the garden.

For discussion: - What other things can you do with just paper and colors? - How do you spend your free time during summer break? - Do you get bored with your toys and games? What should you do when that happens? - Why did Jad and Tala’s Mom hide their toys? Did it work? - What are your favorite games when your friends visit you? - What do you do when you feel bored?