Salwa Is it a Kangaroo

by AramediA
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Parent and Teacher guide Right after the rainy season ends, the truffle season begins. Sama and her family go on a trip to look for truffles. The way to spot truffles is to look for small mounds on the ground which are next to a flowering plant called Ragrouk. Sama’s family members have an annual tradition where they compete with each other to see who manages to find and dig up the most truffles.

They each have small flags with their names written on them. Whoever spots a truffle mound would claim it with a flag. First, they try to spot as many mounds as possible and mark them then they dig them up. Around sunset when they go back to their mounds ready to dig the truffles out, they find that the flags have been pulled out and the mounds dug up. Who has done this?

After investigating more, they find to their surprise that the culprit is, the Jerboa the desert kangaroo. Discussion points: - Have you ever gone camping with your family? - When do truffles grow and get picked up? - What are the signs that show where a truffle may be growing? - Why did the truffles disappear and who was the culprit? - What does a Jerboa look like? - Is there another name for a Jerboa? - Why are truffles so much sought after?