Raghda's Hat : Arabic Children's Book

by vendor-unknown
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Zainab befriends Raghda, a new girl in school. The children make fun of Raghda and the hat she wears even in hot weather.

When Raghda reveals the reason for the hat the girls are contrite and become more accepting and understanding. Zainab, becomes Raghda's best friend with whom she shares her joys and pain. Raghda and Zainab spend a lot of time together sometimes Joined by Raghda's brother Salem.

All three get to go on a balloon riding adventure; a trip that they will always remember and cherish. At one point or the other some children have to face sickness or death in the family.

These are difficult subjects to discuss with a child. A story can be the best way to start a discussion and put the fears and feelings on the table. This preteen story discusses such a subject. 13 year old Raghda is recovering from cancer.

She and her family have just moved to a new house and so she is attending a new school. Raghda has to deal with fitting in a new school, making new friends, being accepted while at the same time dealing with her illness. "Raghda's Hat" talks about feelings of fear, sadness, anger, acceptance and hope.

It is not only a story about cancer but it is a story about how cancer, like everything else that happens to us good or bad is only one part of our lives and does not need to take over all our lives or define us.