Keyboard Cover for Logitech G510 Keyboard, Keeps Out Dirt Dust Liquids and Contaminants - Keyboard not Included - Part# 545G141

by AramediA
$ 21.95

Our keyboard covers actually protect while you type, providing continuous protection around the clock.

Proven in thousands of homes, hospitals, work places and wherever computers are used.

Help protect from harmful germs, bacteria, and mold that may otherwise grow/spread in your keyboard.

* Can easily be washed daily.

* Made from a very flexible, durable polyurethane material.

* Matte finish leaves the keyboard markings clearly visible while reducing glare. Constructed of a strong matte finish polyurethane material.

Will last for years. Biosafe Anti Microbial keyboard covers! Same fit and flexibility with the added Anti Microbial protection.

Biosafe(TM) Antimicrobial helps to prevent the growth and colonization of microorganisms.

Suited for high-risk environments.