I Cue, U Cue - ASL Cued Speech- CD Rom Software

by AramediA
$ 29.95

This software provides information about Cued Speech an amazing tool invented to improve reading abilities of the Deaf and hard of hearing individuals Cued Speech combines hand shapes and placements with mouth movements to represent the consonants and vowels of a language.

The complete American English system is taught through 14 classes with an additional class providing extra practice Cued Speech supports speech reading and also can benefit people who need visual assistance for auditory processing phonemic awareness or learning the complexities of English Includes guide.

Learn About Cued Speech History of Cued Speech Comprehensive explanation of the system Cueing community members and their stories.

Research on Cued Speech and its effect on language and literacy.

Learn How To Cue Comprehensive instruction in Intro Demo and Cue Tips sections Videos of words phrases and sentences throughout Practice lists with lots of support Activities to reinforce concepts Minimum System Requirements Windows 98SE ME 2000 XP CD ROM drive 16x Pentium III 600 MHz 9 or equiv 190 MB hard drive space