Boeing 737-700 Southwest "Ryan Nolan Express" 1/200 Scale Model

by AramediA
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This model of the 737-700 Ryan Nolan Express is approximately 6.25 inches long and with a wingspan of about 6.75 inches. This model is very detailed with accurate coloring and markings. It is quite a fragile piece, it is made of plastic and requires some basic assembly. It is snap fit (of more accurately, friction fit) so it does not need any glue for assembly.

One should however, be mindful of not exerting too much pressure of parts such as engines and/or wings when putting it together. Assembly will take just a few minutes, it is just a matter of mating the wings, tails and stabilizers to the fuselage; but this has to be done very carefully to avoid breaking any parts by accident. This is the type of model displayed at travel agencies, airline offices and/or sold in airport gift shops. Perfect for the Civil Aviation aficionado.