Battery Free Wireless Optical Mouse and a USB 2 ft. Wired Pad - Does Not Use Batteries Totally Green Environmentally Friendly Solution

by AramediA
$ 39.95

Wireless Battery FREE Mouse & Pad Worlds 1st Battery-Free Optical Mouse - derives its power from the patented RFID-Pad. Wireless optical technology delivers high resolution with pinpoint accuracy.

Enjoy a clean organized environment because there are no tangling wires to interfere with your computing experience. Designed with Innovative Radio Frequency Identification Technology, this Battery-Free Wireless Optical Mouse is absolutely Interference-free from any wireless frequency.

The RFID Mouse Pad is directly powered from the computer and the mouse creates huge cost savings for its users. The mouse pad transfers instant & constant power to the mouse as a replacement of batteries.

This technology avoids unnecessary pollution caused by disposing used batteries into landfills. Mouse pad diameter is 8.86 inches, giving you a 360 degree area for your mouse. Vertical Scroll - Use the index fingertip to scroll the vertical scroll back and forth.

Horizontal Scroll - Scroll the page horizontally by using the middle part of your index finger and move to the left and right. With OfficeJump Switch, select up to 8 out of 24 various office command sets such as Copy/Paste, Delete/Reply All, and Zoom in/out.

The 2nd wheel offers 4 quick functions: H-scroll, zoom in/out, page up/down, pre/next doc. Product Dimension Mouse: 3.82"(L) x 2.18"(W) x 1.27"(H) Mouse Weight: 0.13 Ib. Mouse Pad Weight: 0.27 Ib. Mouse Pad:5.3"(L) x 7.5"(W) x 0.5"(H) Package Weight: 0.95 Ib.