Armenian Keyboard Stickers - Transparent with Blue Letters (Lexan® Polycarbonate Material, 3M® Adhesive)

by AramediA
$ 21.95

The Armenian stickers support either the Armenian Western keyboard layouts (there are enough stickers in the set to make either one of the layouts).

The Armenian keyboard sticker conforms to the Armenian keyboard layout in Windows XP.

The stickers are printed on clear Lexan® so the original key legend shows through; this allows you to add Armenian stickers to your existing keyboard so that it becomes a bilingual keyboard (Armenian) and the original language of your keyboard).

The stickers are available in blue letters on clear stickers (for beige and light colored keyboards) and white letters on clear stickers (for dark colored keyboards).

The keyboard layout used for this sticker conforms to the Armenian or Western keyboard layout in Windows XP. This language is supported in Windows XP; other versions of Windows will require a keyboard driver/layout with fonts or third-party software. Armenian stickers are a very economical option for creating a bilingual Armenian keyboard.

The language stickers use an easy peel-and-stick method to install.

Reverse print for long lasting use. Durable.

The printing is on the underside of the sticker so the INK NEVER WEARS OFF OR SCRATCHES (Lexan® Polycarbonate Material, 3M® Adhesive)