Animals Swing Swim & Sing DVD: Teach Children Colloquial Arabic Stories & Songs: Lebanese Music (Alwan TV Series)

by AramediA
$ 19.95

Alwan is an educational Arabic children's program that appears on Lebanese cable TV for kids and is now available on DVD.

The production uses songs, story telling and music to engage children in learning the Arabic language.

This is the first DVD to feature this children's cable series with music by Nizar Fares, a Lebanese singer and song writer.

Alwan is an amusing and fun-filled educational Arabic program. It encourages and promotes creative thinking, cooperative skills, family values, musical sense positive behavior, and emotional intelligence through new songs, stories and games.

"Alwan is an excellent and long awaited work of music, art and education. It combines both education and amusement with a rich musical context.

I recommend this work for all children." Music Teacher, Lebanon. Episodes:

1. In the Jungle
2. Under the Sea

1. Song: The Farm
2. Song: If I Were
3. Story: Philone
4. Story: The Rabbit and the Turtle