Animals Around Us

by AramediA
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Animals Around Us is the first Arabic to be released by Little Thinking Minds and it premiered in January 2005 in Amman Jordan to a packed audience of 600 toddlers and mothers.

And the reviews were great! In fact, due to the huge turnout and success of the film, it was screened three times that day.

The twenty minute video exposes children to animals from their environment in the Arab world.

It provides a fun and stimulating way for caregivers to interact with their children and enrich their days.

The video is divided into three parts: animals in our house (cat, dog, bird, fish, spider), animals in the desert (horse, ostrich, arabian oryx, camel), and animals in the farm (cow, sheep, ducks, and baby chicks).

The animals are introduced in an exciting way through puppet skits, animation, live action sequences and Arabic nursery rhymes