AbleNet Large Print English Black Keyboard with White Letters for the Visually Impaired (MG1512)

by AramediA
$ 45.00

The Keys-U-See USB big print computer keyboard is designed for those who have a hard time seeing the existing commands on the standard keyboard.

Particularly for those with conditions that cause visual impairment or low vision such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, or age.

It is a full size enhanced 104 key keyboard with standard US English keyboard layout printed in big and bold typeface on the keycaps and features high contrast ivory keys with black printing.

The keyboard is manufactured with high quality membrane switches designed to withstand over 10 million keystrokes.

Keys-U-See TM large print keyboards are perfect for anybody who has a hard time seeing the letters on their computer keyboards.

The Key Connection's large print computer keyboards are also great for anyone who works in low light conditions or is learning to type.

Our large print keyboards come in a variety of colors including our specialty keyboard designed with yellow keys and black type - a scientifically proven combination that helps those with certain types of visual impairment.

What types of visual impairment can Keys-U- large print keyboards help with? Macular Degeneration Glaucoma Diabetic Retinopathy Cataracts Normal Aging Retinitis Pigments.