Rashid in the World of Qur'an - Quran (Arabic Language Version)

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Rashid is a Muslim child who accompanies your child on an interesting journey in which he will acquire a great deal of diverse information on Islam concerning the Holy Qur'an, some Qur'anic stories, entertaining games, in addition to becoming acquainted with some of the animals and plants mentioned in the Holy Qur'an. Recitation and interpretation of the thirtieth part of the Holy Qur'an, which involves tafsir, explanation of difficult words, a summary of the meaning of the verses, the theme of the verses and the lessons deduced from the verses. Selected verses: which include Islamic instructions for the Muslim child to develop his Islamic morals and manners. Allah's Creation in the Holy Qur'an is another section which includes: Plants and animals mentioned in the Holy Qur'an such as ants, bees, camels, whales, elephants, hoopoes and serpents. The program presents scientific and religious information as an interactive display between Rashid and animals and plants, using animated cartoons, to appeal to the Muslim child. Qur'anic Stories: The program presents some of the stories mentioned in the Holy Qur'an, such as the story of the Prophet Noah, `Uzair and the Village and the People of the Orchard, in an innovative way, using animated cartoons and dialogs, which stress the instructive and moral goals deduced from each story. The program provides a large collection of Islamic songs related to each of the program's sections that stress certain instructive and moral concepts and yet make it easy for the child to repeat and understand. Games: Using an interesting game, the program provides a collection of tests that ensure the child's absorption of the information acquired in the different sections of the program. An extensive collection of wise sayings and historical information simplified to suit the child's level.