Egyptian Hieroglyphs Made Easy (CD-ROM)

by AramediA
$ 89.99
Learning and understanding of the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic language. The hieroglyphic script was the longest lived and earliest form of the Egyptian language. Its use was limited primarily to religious and monumental inscriptions, whereas a more cursive script called hieratic was preferred for administrative and epistolary purposes. Hieroglyphic Egyptian employs pictures of objects, each with its own value, to form a complex system in which some signs represent sounds (phonetic signs), and others represent meaning (logograms). All hieroglyphic signs can be divided into five basic types: Consonants or Monoliteral Signs, Bi-Consonant or Biliteral Signs, Tri-Consonants or Triliterals Signs, Logograms, and Determinatives. Monoliteral signs represent a single consonant like "b" or "p." Biliteral signs stand for two consonants like "ms," "km" or "kp." Triliteral signs stand for three consonant like "nfr" or "wsr."