ALT Waterproof Black USB Wired Mouse with Office Mouse Desk Pad, Clear Textured Desk Mat # 103108

por Clevy
$ 59.95

Ideal for the flexible workplace: Hybrid working, i.e. working partly at home and partly in the office, is becoming more and more the norm. As a result, more and more offices are seeing a shift from permanent to flexible workplaces. Especially If several people work at the same keyboard and use the same mouse, for example in call centers. All the more so when you consider that an average keyboard up to 20,000 times more microbes than a toilet seat... Interested in a test set-up with Alt Waterproof and possibly also our other solutions for a hygienic workplace? Let us know and we will gladly provide you with a customized proposal!

  • Because of this it is an easy switch from standard office keyboards and mice to our our hygienic solution which therefore requires little adaptation.
  • Washable and easy to clean: Thanks to clever construction the electrical components of this mouse is sealed on the inside sealed from dust.
  • This means they can be hygienically cleaned with disinfectant spray or a cloth with alcohol, but can also be rinsed under the tap
  • The shortened USB connection cable (extension cable standard included) mouse, it can be easily detached for quick cleaning at the point of use or to take away for cleaning under the tap.
  • In addition is the IP value no less than IP68, which means this item is completely sealed against dust and more than sufficiently waterproof