Wireless VisionBoard™ Large Print Computer Keyboard

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Large-Key Wireless Computer Keyboard. Sometimes you just need or want a computer keyboard with large keys and bold, easy-to-read lettering that doesnt have to be tethered to a desk. VisionBoard wireless large-key keyboards are a great solution for people of all ages with vision and/or dexterity issues. Standard keyboards with small print are often difficult or impossible to read, and the small keys are problematic for some people. Our wireless, large-key keyboards offer more flexibility and mobility for people who are bedridden or in a wheelchair. They are convenient and portable for use with a big-screen TV as a monitor, or with a personal digital assistant, mobile phone or pocket computer. The wireless VisionBoard will also help reduce the amount of wire clutter over or around a desktop. They offer long battery life and the same functionality as our wired large-key keyboards. USB, Windows and Mac compatible, FCC CE, RoHS compliant. 6-year warranty. Available with black lettering on white keys, or white lettering on black keys. F-keys, 100-foot operating range, no drivers to install, low battery indicator, 2 AAA batteries included.