Sign Find - Vacations ASL American Sign Language for Windows Only

by AramediA
$ 19.95
Did you ever go on vacation and not know the signs or English words for things you saw or experienced? Join Paws, the signing dog, as he goes to 14 different travel destinations. Just click on any of the items in the pictures and see a video of Paws signing the vocabulary word and an English word equivalent. Can you find Paws hidden in the picture? There are 14 different vacations to choose from--Skiing, Circus, Amusement Park, Family Reunion, Downtown, Gardening, Farm, Zoo, Park, Camping, Beach, Scuba Diving, Picnic, and Ranch. More than 550 words/signs to learn! Three games--Con-SIGN-tration, Video Match, and Fingerspelling, reinforce the American Sign Language and English vocabulary.