HouseMate for iOS Switch accessible control of almost any infrared (IR) device!

by AramediA
$ 1,699.95

HouseMate for iOS can control almost any IR device! Download the free HouseMate Home Control App from the App Store and connect HouseMate to your iOS device via Bluetooth. Once connected, add IR devices via pre-installed IR codes or record your own IR functions directly into HouseMate. Switch access requires iOS Switch Control to be enabled and wired switches can be plugged directly into HouseMate or use the Blue2 Bluetooth Switch (not included) for wireless switch access.


  • *Environmental control from your iPad or iPhone.
  • *Learn and transmit InfraRed codes.
  • *HouseMate Switch drives iOS Switch Control.
  • *The Smart way to control your world.
  • *Full control over iOS device.

  • NOTE: Requires device with iOS 8.4 or newer (not included) and HouseMate Home Control App from App Store.