AbleNet LearningBoard A Full-Featured Keyboard Designed For The Hands of A Child Black PS2-USB

by AramediA
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AbleNet LearningBoard helps kids of all ages learn the location of letters and other keys on a standard QWERTY keyboard with vibrant color-coded vowels, consonants, numbers and function keys.

Learn to touch-type, finish homework, e-mail and communicate with friends and family with a keyboard that will withstand hard-handed use, yet provide smooth and dependable key action.

AbleNet LearningBoard USB Keyboard - The LearningBoard maximizes Chester Creek's color-based mnemonic system to teach and reinforce reading skills.

Consonants, vowels, punctuation marks, numbers and computer function keys each have their own vivid color to help students understand their different roles in reading and language.

- Keys color-coded by function: vowels consonants numbers punctuation and function keys. White case - RoHS compliant FCC CE