French Electronic Translator Ectaco LUX-EFr, Hi-Res (Resolution) Touch Screen and WI-FI

by vendor-unknown
$ 499.95
Translate any language. Speech-based free-form translation, 14,000 phrases, 629,000 word E-Gr dictionary, 183-language word translator, real human voice, language teacher, Wi-Fi, browser, camera, Skype, various useful apps. Android OS.

Via LUX's Wi-Fi, you can access far more computing power than can fit into a mobile device. This allows you to speak to get the translation.

LUX2 also has 5 offline translation tools you can use anywhere:
1. Full text translation. Enter random sentences.
2. Translation dictionary. Look up single words.
3. Translating phrasebook. 7,000 phrases per language. Speech recognition feature for selecting phrases.
4. 183-language universal translation dictionary. Natural human voice.
5. Pictured dictionary. A picture is worth 1,000 words. You can show instead of tell.

Smartphone Translator.
* Speech-based free-form translation.
* Largest available vocabulary.
* Wi-Fi, browser, Skype
* 6 x 2.9 x 1 in.
*Smart QWERTY and virtual keyboards.
*microSD and microSDHC card support, to 32 GB.
*Android OS. Great performance and speed for browsing Adobe® Flash® Player compatible Websites. Fully integrated with Google services and YouTube. You can search, view, and easily download over 250,000 free apps.
*Hi-res screen. Brilliant 5" LCD delivers incredible viewing quality.
*Wi-Fi. Easily connect without monthly service fees. LUX2 can access the Internet and apps anywhere there's a hotspot.
*Pocket-sized. The sleek, lightweight (only 10.8 oz) LUX2 fits in your pocket.

Also enjoy instant access to your favorite content. *Listen to music.
*Watch movies.
*Play games.
*Browse the Web.
*Talk to your friends on Skype.
* Stay updated through email, Facebook®, and Twitter.