AbleNet Wireless BigBlu VisionBoard with White Keys # 12000018

by AramediA
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The VisionBoard Keyboard features over-sized keys spaced out to provide easy viewing for users with low vision.

The large print letters and numbers create high contrast and make typing easier.

This keyboard features white keys with black text.

The wireless BigBlu VisionBoard offers a significant advantage to people who find it painful or difficult to use a traditional keyboard by improving readability and reducing eyestrain with big 1-in/2.54-cm square keys. The large, bold black-on-white letters and numbers are easy to see with a contrast ratio of 21:1 and are almost 250% larger than the print on standard keyboards. Users with low vision or physical limitations can increase and improve capabilities with greater comfort and control.

BigBlu VisionBoard is compatible with Windows, MacOS, Chrome OS, and iPadOS devices. Please note, this keyboard uses a Windows key layout, but is compatible with other devices.

Step 1: Install Batteries
The battery compartment is located on the bottom of the keyboard.
1.Remove the two Phillips-head screws and set aside
2.Remove the battery compartment cover by sliding it in the direction
indicated by the arrow
3.Insert two alkaline AAA batteries
4.After batteries are installed, carefully replace the battery cover
and secure in place with the two screws

Step 2: Pair Bluetooth Keyboard to Device
The power switch and Bluetooth pairing button are located on the
bottom of the keyboard.
1.Turn the power switch on. The LED indicator light next to the space
bar will blink blue once when the keyboard is turned on.
2.Press the pairing button to enable the keyboard pairing mode. The
LED indicator light will blink blue until the keyboard is paired or
until 2-minutes has passed.
3.Within the Bluetooth settings on your device, select the keyboard
and enter the pairing code.
4.The LED indicator light will stop blinking after completing the
pairing process.
5.Your keyboard is now ready to use.

Pair with Another Device
1. Within the Bluetooth settings on your device, select to remove or
forget the keyboard.
2. Follow steps to pair Bluetooth keyboard to device.
Low Battery Alert
When the LED indicator light next to the space bar begins to flash
red, it is time to replace the keyboard’s batteries.

This keyboard is designed for computers and tablets with a Bluetooth
connection and Windows XP or newer. This keyboard was not tested for
compatibility with macOS, iOS, Google Chrome, or Android, but may also
be compatible with some devices running these operating systems via a
Bluetooth connection.

Pairing the BigBlu to Windows 10 (Build 1703)
1. Search for Control Panel, then click on it the displayed option (pictured below) to open it

2. Click on “Add a device” (found under “Hardware and Sound”)

3. Press the pairing switch on the bottom of the keyboard. When done correctly, you should see the LED on the top of the keyboard begin flashing blue more quickly.

4. You should see “KB08-BT” appear on the device list. Click on it to select it, then click "Next". 

5. You should now see the screen below. You will want to click on the "Or, try entering a passcode on it." option

6. As Windows 10 can be a little finicky when pairing with Bluetooth devices you may see this screen a couple of times.
It may be necessary to repeat these steps a few times to get a valid pairing code.

7. Ultimately, you are looking for the below screen. Please note: each code is randomly generated, so your code will be different.

8. Once your keyboard pairs successfully, you will see the screen below.

9. Once the installation is complete, you will be able to use your keyboard.