Richard Bangs' Adventures with Purpose: Morocco [Blu-ray]

by vendor-unknown
$ 14.95
Experience the sultry landscape and spicy culture of Morocco in high definition. Africans, Arabs, Jews, Europeans, sultans, scholars, pirates and holy men came from the south, from the east and the north to this land in the northwest corner of Africa. Along the way, they sought refuge in Kasbahs. Go behind the towering walls of these ancient fortress cities, from Marrakesh to coastal Essaouria to Casablanca. Travel by camel and spend the night in a nomad tent in the Sahara Desert. Discover F¨s, Tangier, Rabat and traverse the Atlas Mountains with explorer Richard Bangs as he seeks to find the modern meaning of the Kasbah in Morocco. Richard Bangs has spent more than 30 years as an explorer, and is a pioneer in travel that makes a difference. In fact, founder Rich Barton called him Indiana Jones with a conscience. Bangs is the host and co-executive producer of the popular public television series Adventures with Purpose.