Arabian Sinbad Treasure Chest

by AramediA
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$ 199.99

The Arabian Sinbad Treasure Chest is an Arabic learning package designed with the native and non-native Arabic speaker in mind.

This package is a complete educational kit designed to teach children a wide array of Arabic vocabulary.

The kit includes: Nine DVDs (two-12-15 minutes episodes per DVD) and one Vocabulary review DVD (over 60 minutes) for a total of 10 DVDs.

That is not all. It comes with supplementary tools such as: two activity books, an illustrated dictionary, one interactive CD-ROM game, one sing-a-long CD, puzzle, flash cards and more.
Speaking only in Arabic, the Arabian Sinbad animated episodes utilize the Total Immersion Method.

This approach is a well established teaching system that has long been used by both educators and language experts, and advocates immersing a child in a new language.

With the Arabian Sinbad animated episodes, children are introduced into a world where only Arabic is spoken in a correct, native accent, which helps them develop an ear for the Arabic language.

The supplementary tools are bilingual to further reinforce the Arabic vocabulary learned in the episodes.

These tools come with easy-to-use transliterations and translation. Adults found it useful to learn Arabic as well.