Lord's Prayer in (Our Father in Heaven) Christian Wall Cross - Handmade and Hand Carved From Genuine Grade A Olive Wood of The Holy Land (15" x 9" x 1")

by AramediA
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This Cross is hand carved from the magnificent grained olive wood which is pruned from the olive trees around the birthplace of Jesus, in Bethlehem. Made by Bethlehem artisans, these fine works of art are each unique pieces that will add a wonderful touch to your home. These types of carvings have been around for over hundreds of years. Because of the unique, handmade nature of these products, the sizes may vary slightly from item to item, as can the color due to differences in the wood grain. The wording on the crosses is otherwise the same. Item measures 15" x 9" x 1"

  • Handcrafted in the Holy Land by Bethlehem Artisans near the birthplace of Jesus
  • Made with genuine Grade A Olive-wood from the Holy Land
  • Add a simple and authentic touch to your religious collection. A thoughtful gift for wonderful family members to hang on a wall, or adorn a table.
  • Because each cross is a handcrafted work of art, the dimensions may vary slightly between pieces. Each piece may also vary slightly in color because of the beautiful patterns in wood grain endemic to true olive wood.
  • Cross (laying flat) measures 15" long x 9" wide x 1" tall