KidSpeak 6-in-1 Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Hebrew Language Tutor -Windows Only

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$ 39.95
Windows Only. Each KidSpeak language includes 12 printable activities and projects to reinforce the language learning. KidSpeak was designed and developed by leading educators to take advantage of the intuitive language learning abilities of grade school children. KidSpeak's innovative award-winning approach has no drills, tests or anything unpleasant. Children simply look forward to "playing" with their animated friends every day, while you know they are "learning". Awards * New York Festival's Interactive Multimedia Competition for the Best Educational/Instructional Programs produced for use in Schools * K-12 Educational CD-ROM award at the 4th Annual International Digital Media Awards "The designers have achieved their aim of making the program fun, challenging, absorbing and entertaining" - The Age, November 1997 It really works! Your child will build a solid foreign language foundation using the successful immersion approach preferred by educators. Each language is hosted by a fun cartoon "friend" and his or her playful pet who use only the language being taught. Your child simply points and clicks. With KidSpeak, your child will automatically learn correct pronunciation, alphabet and word recognition, simple sentence structure, plural and singular forms, numbers, simple addition and subtraction, how to tell time, and much more. The Sooner A Child Starts Learning A New Language The Better. Here's Why: As a parent, if you want your child to take advantage of the language-learning "window of opportunity", you must take an active role. There is no better tool than your computer and KidSpeak to start your child on a second language. With KidSpeak, your child can interact with authentic foreign language sounds, words and phrases, games, puzzles, and songs. If you can place a disc in your computer's CD-ROM drive, that's all you need to know to get your child off and running in another language. System Requirements Windows 7, Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP, or Vista;