Essentials English Intermediate Language Learning Program Software MP3 Win & Mac

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Why use the Essentials Courses?

The simple answer is, because they work. Transparent Language's "Declarative First" approach provides a proven path to initial language acquisition. Each unit and lesson incorporates the key elements necessary for successful language acquisition: Useful Words and Phrases, Pronunciation Practice, and Grammar.

Courses consist of a series of units, which provide beginners and advanced beginners with the clear learning path and structure they need to succeed, while at the same time allowing more experienced users the flexibility to focus on the exercises that best suit their learning style.

Strives to help learners prepare for practical, everyday conversations in a foreign language. Each unit covers common situation such as getting around the city, eating out, shopping and handling money, getting to know people, dealing with emergencies, and so on. Units contains several lessons made up of a series of engaging and increasingly challenging activities that lead towards mastery of essential words, phrases, and expressions. The end goal is to enable the learner to understand and convey the basics for survival and to participate in typical, everyday communication.

Grammar, Alphabet and More!

Transparent Language Essential Desktop includes the Language Fundamentals, a variety of reference tools that are useful and appropriate for the language being taught.

Language Learning Tips and Grammar Tips

Most languages include Language Learning Tips and Grammar Tips tools, which introduce basic language and grammar information through a series of short video that addresses a single key point about the foreign language, with concise explanations and clear examples.