by AramediA
$ 55.97
With Marvel Comic Book Library, you can relive the first 10 adventures of 10 classic Marvel characters on one super-powered CD-ROM. 100 complete comic books--with character bios and an offer for three free bonus comics--highlight the debut and subsequent storylines of this most famous band of heroes, also including the Fantastic Four, Captain America, Avengers, The Sub-Mariner, Iron Man, and Silver Surfer.  Each comic can be viewed in full digital color or in black and white, so as to give you a look at the raw look of the work as done by the artist, plus you can zoom in and out and page scroll--you can even print the pages of each comic. The CD-Rom includes numerous bios that include information and illustrations, which enable you to track the character from conception to the modern day. There's one more bonus: when you purchase the CD-Rom you'll fill out a special offer where Marvel will send you three free comics, copies of Ultimate X-Men, Ultimate Spider-Man, and Hulk.   Marvel Comic Book Library presents first 10 stories, including debut issue for the following characters:   Spider Man (1962)  The Incredible Hulk (1962)  Daredevil (1964)  X-Men (1975)  Fantastic Four (1961)  Captain America (1964)  Avengers (1963)  Namor the Sub-mariner (1962)  Iron Man (1963)  Silver Surfer (1966)