Arabic Board Book for Children: My Big Dinosaur Book (Large Format, Arabic Edition)

by vendor-unknown
$ 16.95
Ideal large format Arabic board book for toddlers and preschool children. My Big Dinosaur Book introduces the ability to learn each of the 43 dinosaurs including brilliant illustrations and descriptions for your children to enjoy. "My Big Dinosaur Book" in Arabic is a great addition to the Big Ideas for Little People series of books. The photos have realistic and colorful models of each dinosaur, most of the full body (a few have just the face. The heavier board-book style makes it very durable, especially for little ones who are prone to tearing out pages. This is a must-have addition to the library of any young dinosaur fan! • Series sold over 3 million. • Big board book ideal for babies and toddlers. • Stunning large format brings images to life. • Helps build a child's vocabulary.