Against the Tide - Arabic Childern Book

by AramediA
$ 14.95
When the course of her family's life changes forever, 15 year old Yusra is faced with a choice. Either she accepts her new life as it is, or she does something about it. But what if doing something about it means she would be going against her society?... What if doing something about it would make her "crazy" in the eyes of everyone around her?... and what if doing something about it, would lead Yusra to find out one of the most important secrets to life ... Set in Gaza, Palestine and inspired by a true story, this novel will warm the hearts of its' readers and shine a light of hope in them. --Sometimes we face difficult and painful situations in life, which might make us feel hopeless and bring us down. 15 year-old Yusra however, was able to overcome the feeling of helplessness and think of a way that would get her and her family out of the rut they're in. After the tragic death of her elder brother, and an unfortunate accident that renders her fisherman father paralyzed and in a wheelchair, Yusra decides to take over her father's fishing boat and therefore become the first and only fisher woman in Gaza. The conservative society in Gaza is shocked and condemning, but with the support of her family, Yusra perseveres and ventures out to sea where she faces the same challenges as other fishermen in Gaza. She is restricted to fish in a 3 nautical mile zone which over time has become very hard to find enough fish in. The Israeli war ships are always looming menacingly in the horizon ready to pounce on any fisherman who