Ablenet 10003900 Little Step By Step with Levels Gameplay

by vendor-unknown
$ 239.95
Incorporating the Step-by-Step GamePlay into game-based instructional lessons enables students to learn basic skills such as eye-hand coordination as well as more complex skills such as problem solving. Learning through the use of games is not only highly motivating but it encourages collaboration offering another way for students to interact and communicate with each other. Along with fostering language and social skills strategic thinking is developed as students are challenged motivated and engaged. Like every Step-by-Step simply record your messages into the device and activate the surface to play the message. What makes Step-by-Step GamePlay unique are its three levels.. Level 1 Randomization - Randomizes your message selections.. Level 2 Random Elimination - Randomizes the selections and once a selection is played it is eliminated.. Level 3 Choice - Allows a user to skip through a series of messages to get to the desired message by activating the surface multiple times in a row.. Dimension - 4.7 D x 6.9 W x 3.3 H in.. Item Weight - 1.5 lbs.