ASL American Sign Language Tales and Games for Kids #1 (Woof Woof Way) for Windows Only

by AramediA
$ 39.95

This CD, Woof Woof Way, focuses on events that take place on one street in Pawstown, Woof Woof Way. The stories are original and written to promote good English literacy, while simultaneously teaching important aspects of ASL. Each story can be viewed continuously, without the child needing to manipulate the mouse, or the child can control the story himself.

Miriam Morrow, a deaf actress, signs each sentence dressed as Paws, the signing dog. Any word that is colored blue can be seen individually signed. Each story has three games, which reinforce skills in categorization, memory, spelling, literacy, visual processing, and creativity.

The CD also contains a picture dictionary of the sign/English vocabulary used in the stories. The dictionary pictures can be printed. Children also can visit the video store on Woof Woof Way to see three ASL stories.

How the word "look" changes in ASL is addressed in a story about a boy named Arnold who asks a librarian for a book with a space alien and, to the shock of the librarian, actually finds a space alien reading a book.

What Pet Should I Get? is a cumulative story that follows the antics of Horatio, Paws' owner, as he inadvertently releases animals from their cages in a pet store. The story explores how, in ASL, spatial relations affect our understanding of the tale.

In Panda, Panda, Where Are You?, the toy store story, Chiu-Chin hunts for her lost panda. The child must follow the instructions and click on the identified toy to move to the next screen. We learn how ASL adjectives follow nouns and facial expression affect descriptions.