ASL American Sign Language Tales and Games for Kids #2 (Biscuit Boulevard) for Windows Only

by AramediA
$ 39.95

This CD, Biscuit Boulevard, focuses on events that take place on one street in Pawstown, Biscuit Boulevard. The stories are original and written to promote good English literacy, while simultaneously teaching important aspects of ASL.

Each story can be viewed continuously, without the child needing to manipulate the mouse, or the child can control the story himself. Miriam Morrow, a deaf actress, signs each sentence dressed as Paws, the signing dog.

Any word that is colored blue can be seen individually signed. Each story has three games, which reinforce skills in literacy, spelling, visual perception, memory, computer skills, and creativity.

Through Whitney's aspirations to become a great actress, we learn how adjectives are modified in American sign Language to show the intensity of emotions (e.g., happy, very happy). Will Whitney's acting demonstrations keep her from getting to the theater on time? You can create pictures in the drawing game, or learn how to fingerspell words too!

Menu Mix-Up Many signs look similar to other ones. Watch how the waitress confuses what good Chiu-Chin wants for dinner at the restaurant, because they are so similar when signed. Play a game of Con-SIGN-tration with the words from this story! How many matches can you make? Different Clothes Jurry and Josh, the Pawstown twins, confuse a department store salesman who thinks that they children are actually one child who keeps changing his mind about what clothes to get. Notice that the signs in the story, like "shoes", are signed with the same handshape on each hand - "twin signs." Design clothes for the children in the Biscuit Boulevard CD, or solve crossword puzzles!