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voltron defender of the universe, super hero, evil empire, digital comic books
Defender Of The Universe
Paradise Lost

An All-New Animated Comic Production. Taking the hottest comics in the industry, blending in animation, voice-over, music, sound and special effects, to bring you to a whole new visual adventure experience! That also makes for a great read along learning tool.

Based on the worldwide popular anime television series!  In the far future the Earth-centered Galactic Alliance and the vast alien Drule Supremacy are locked in an interstellar cold war. The discovery of an ancient war machine on a distant planet was supposed to tip the balance but now the five explorers from Earth who found it have sworn allegiance to Planet Arus and Princess Allura and to Voltron the amazing half-science half-sorcery robotic titan. But when the Galactic Alliance takes matters into its own hands - first raiding Arus and stealing Voltron then trying to replicate him for their own military in the formidable form of Vehicle Voltron - the five members of the Voltron Force: Keith Sven Lance Hunk and Pidge have no choice but to undertake a secret mission back to Earth and reclaim what is theirs.


All the while Prince Lotor of the Drule Supremacy plots to take Voltron for his own insidious plans. The continuing Voltron saga that started with Volton: Defender of the Universe - Revelations. Also included within DVD the origin story of King Zarkon and how he rose to power to ultimately control the Drule Supremacy.An All New Animated Comic Production.Features:two animated versions of the filmScene SelectionVoltron Character BiosComic Issue Cover Gallery.

Running Time: 75 Minutes

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